About Me

Hi, welcome to my site my name is Angela.

Me with our dog Rosa

I got the idea to start this site after I was over buying cheap vacuum cleaners that just didn’t do what they claimed they did.  I was after a vacuum cleaner that did a great job of cleaning up both our dog and cat’s hair as well as cleaning up the general dirt and grim that you get around the house from having 2 young children.  Was that to much to ask for?


Both my children were diagnosed with asthma from an early age and so it was really important to me to make sure our house was clear of anything to set them off as well as having a clean and tidy looking house.  I read numerous of reviews and articles on the internet, but I just got overwhelmed.

Our cat Tarksy


So rather than let all my research go to waste, I decided to share it all with you guys who were in search of a great vacuum cleaner too.  I guess you could say its now become a bit of a hobby for me to try out new vacuums and keep up with what’s coming out.


Anyway I hope you enjoy the information I have put together here.



Angela 🙂